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I wanted to speak French and understand it well as I live in France. It was important to focus on the oral expression as well as understanding.
At the beginning I didn't speak French at all and during the time of the course I was making progress which corresponded to amount of work I put into.
Teaching methods used during classes were interactive and made easy to follow by Veronique. We've used recordings of normal day to day news, conversations, etc.which walked us through habits, grammar in context and enriching vocabulary.
Good part of lessons is also that there was emphasis on proper accents and pronunciation. Lessons were carried along with recommendations for total immersion
Very important part of school's approach to students is that it's understood that we have to work and also sometimes were not able to participate in all the lessons.
Also schedule was tuned up to our needs which is big advantage.
The ambiance is very friendly which also made learning French easy and nice.

D. Kowalski - Crossbeam Systems.

Both of us have attended many classes . Our last intensive course was given by Veronique Peiffert. She is an excellent and pleasant teacher.

The education was well rounded. We enjoyed the ambiance at the class.
Fellow students were nice and there was always a good sense humor present.

Erna Binder, M.D. and Lars Johnsson, M.D.

I can highly highly recommend the lady that teaches my wife and I. Her name is Veronique Peiffert. I believe she has been teaching both private and corporate persons. She is very good at what she does, so much that we decided to continue on with her beyond our
original plans!

Eric Walter.
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